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Great ice cream starts with great dairy farmers.

Meet some of our dairy farmers.

Founded over 80 years ago, Turkey Hill only needed enough milk to provide fresh milk and ice cream to the towns near our dairy. Today, we sell our milk and ice cream to people in 38 states, so that means we need a few more cows.

We rely on the hard work and skills of our local dairy farmers to provide great, fresh milk to our dairy each day. It is the local dairy farmers we thank and respect so much. So we'd like you to meet a few of them. Check back from time to time and you'll see who provides milk for your ice cream. Turkey Hill is dedicated to its heritage and the heritage of those who make Turkey Hill successful.

Dairy Farmer Spotlight: Dana and Donna Good Farm

15.8 miles from Turkey Hill Dairy

In 1753 the Rohrer family established a farm in what is now the town of Strasburg with a small loft house and barn that still stand there today. In 1853, the main house was built and is tucked away in a small valley surrounded by farmland and woods that are filled with wildlife. Today, 260 years later, the farm is still producing milk under the management of the Good family.

The Good dairy farm has been occupied by generations of family members. In 1900, Lewis Good started a mill nearby and had four children. His son, Howard, married Lizzie and continued farming with their nineteen children. One of Howard's sons, Charles, married Susie and along with their seven children, brought the third generation into the farming industry. In 1940, Charles bought the farm across the street from what is now the Dana Good dairy farm. Charles' son, Glenn, started farming with his wife Mildred and their four children. Glenn established himself as the fourth generation to operate the farm when he bought his father's farm in the 1970's. Glenn also bought the current Good farm in 1993. Today, Turkey Hill's current milk producer, Dana and Donna Good and their four children, are the fifth generation to operate the Good dairy farm. Dana and Donna Good's family includes Jessica and her husband Jon, son Dexton, Emily and her husband Jay, Alisha who is currently in college to be a physical therapist, and Bryce, who is, at the age of 11, showing a huge interest in farming. Dana purchased his father's farm in 2006.

Dana and his family milk 160 cows and produce an average of 7,000-8,000 pounds of milk a day. They also plant corn, rye, sorghum grass, and oats.

One of Dana's favorite memories of farming is the time he had spent sitting with his Grandpa Charles, the family story teller. Grandpa Charles lived in the house beside Dana and Donna for eight years. Throughout his life, he treated Dana and Donna as a son and daughter. Donna did not come from a farming background as her father was a carpenter. Charles gave advice about farming and life to Dana, and encouraged Donna as she learned about farming. Charles, a bishop in the Mennonite church, would discuss scripture and how he made it through the rough times of farming. Grandpa Charles passed away in 2012.

Farm life has proven to have its stories from runaway wagons to cow headlocks falling off of skid loaders pinning people to the ground. The Good family has felt fortunate in safety, health, and successful farming.

Turkey Hill is proud to share a heritage with the Good family in providing quality products to the good people in our community.

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