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Great ice cream starts with great dairy farmers.

Meet some of our dairy farmers.

Founded over 80 years ago, Turkey Hill only needed enough milk to provide fresh milk and ice cream to the towns near our dairy. Today, we sell our milk and ice cream to people in 38 states, so that means we need a few more cows.

We rely on the hard work and skills of our local dairy farmers to provide great, fresh milk to our dairy each day. It is the local dairy farmers we thank and respect so much. So we'd like you to meet a few of them. Check back from time to time and you'll see who provides milk for your ice cream. Turkey Hill is dedicated to its heritage and the heritage of those who make Turkey Hill successful.

John Stauffer, Mount Joy Co-Op

It's a Family Thing

14.5 Miles from Turkey Hill Dairy

John Stauffer has been hauling milk for 38 years. That was after growing up on a dairy farm with his father, Paul Stauffer. Paul hauled milk in the 1960's while John dumped milk from metal milk cans after high school for a local creamery. The local creamery is where they would combine all the milk from all the dairies that participated in the co-op.

As a milk hauler, John visits farms and picks up milk with a tanker. Farmers store their milk in bulk tanks in the milk house. Milk haulers connect a line to the bulk tank and pump the milk into the tanker to be hauled to a processor.

John now dispatches thirty trucks for Mount Joy Co-Op and his son, Luke, has joined the company as a milk inspector. Luke started out teaching at a local school, but when an opportunity came to work at the co-op he left teaching for the open road of milk inspection. He is one of the two inspectors at the co-op.

A dairy farm is inspected every five months. Luke looks at the cleanliness of the barn and milk house as well as the water supply and well. He also inspects all of the equipment. If a farm doesn't meet a requirement, they have five days to be re-inspected.

Luke enjoys his job at the Mount Joy Co-Op, "People you work with are willing to listen to the things they need to change." As a third generation employee of the Mount Joy Co-Op, it stands to say there is something that draws the Stauffer family to the dairy farming business.

How do you prefer to eat your ice cream?

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