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Taking care of the neighborhood
that has taken such good care of us.

Where we make it is why it's good.

Lancaster Farmland TrustWe take this statement seriously. Turkey Hill Dairy was founded on, and continues to be rooted in the rich, rural culture that supports the county and its people. Core values include a strong work ethic, high moral and ethical standards, and a generally peaceful and simplified way of life. These characteristics are exactly what make Lancaster County an attractive place for people to raise their families.

Sadly, the very thing that makes Lancaster County a place where families and businesses want to settle also endangers it with increased demand for homes and services. We know we can't preserve our heritage and the integrity of our community if we allow our farms and preserves to dwindle away into the metropolis.

By preserving Lancaster County farmland and protecting our community from over-development, we do a great service to our families, our community, and the nation. Specifically...

  • We insure that our children will have a safe and healthy community in which to grow up and raise future generations.
  • We protect an important source of fresh food supply for the country and ourselves.
  • We protect the quality of our environment by maintaining open spaces, which means cleaner air and water, and insure availability of natural resources.
  • We fulfill our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources with which we have been so richly blessed, insuring that they remain available for generations to come.

Why are these farms so important?

  • More than 99% of Lancaster County farms are family-owned. Therefore, they are intricately woven into the tapestry of our local economy and culture.
  • Lancaster County agriculture generates $1 billion dollars and one out of every five jobs in the county.
  • Every year, Lancaster County farmers provide eggs to 11.9 million people, milk to 10.2 million people, chicken to 3.3 million people, and pork to 4.6 million people. This is only a portion of the agricultural products that come from Lancaster County.

How much farmland is really being lost? How bad can it be?

  • Every year, over 1,000 acres of Lancaster County farmland is given up to development.
  • 3.4 acres of Lancaster County farmland are developed every day.
  • Between 1994 and 2002, 11,100 acres of Lancaster County farmland were lost to development.

How much farmland is preserved?

In October 2005, the Trust hit the 13,322-acre mark, representing 214 Lancaster-area farms.

What is Turkey Hill's role as a partner with the Farmland Trust?

  • Turkey Hill Dairy is a family-oriented company, still run by members of the same family that founded the company 75 years ago. We credit our rich Lancaster County heritage and the good people who live and work here for our success. We place a high value on quality of life and on providing a wholesome environment in which our associates, customers, and their families can live and work.
  • Because of this, we feel a strong sense of duty to be good and responsible neighbors and citizens, both as individuals and as a company. We feel it is incumbent upon us to take care of the neighbors and the neighborhood that has taken such good care of us.
  • To that end, Turkey Hill Dairy will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of our All Natural Ice Cream to the Lancaster Farmland Trust. We will further participate with the trust in selected promotional and informational campaigns in an effort to further the cause.

For more information about Lancaster Farmland Trust, visit

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