Types of Positions

The Turkey Hill Dairy facility, although located in the rolling fields of rural Lancaster County, PA, is a much larger and more complex manufacturing and distribution center than most people think — especially those that remember us as the "little dairy on the hill."

Turkey Hill Dairy employs over 800 associates at this location in a variety of different occupations. While not every department has openings on a regular basis, the following list outlines the different departments and business units of the organization and types of positions and skills set that are found in those areas.

The following sections are just an overview of the types of jobs and careers that an Associate can have at Turkey Hill Dairy and are not a list of current openings. Click here to review a list of current job openings or sign up for future job alerts.

Production Department

Our production department, made up of both frozen and fluid sections, manufacture our products in a three shift operation. We make our full line of teas and drinks and our 50 different frozen products such as ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Types of Positions: Operator, Debagger, Freezer Operators, Flavor Mixers, Operations Flex Utility

Warehouse Department

On the back end of our process, the three-shift warehouse unit is responsible for packing the product in the different packing methods and making sure that the product is stored properly, the orders are picked correctly and trucks are out on time.

Types of Positions: Case Handlers, Palletizers, Order Selectors, Forklift Operators, Operations Flex Utility


The distribution department is responsible for all of our delivery needs for the full line of Turkey Hill Dairy products. Our distribution fleet consists of more than 300 trucks and trailers that carry our product both locally and across the nation. This unit not only includes our courteous drivers but also our mechanics, dispatchers, jockeys and other related positions.

Types of Positions: CDL A & B drivers, Marketing Event drivers, Diesel Mechanics, Yard Jockeys, Dispatchers

Maintenance — Plant and Facilities

Our plant and facilities maintenance are assigned the daunting task of keeping our three-shift plant and surrounding areas operational so the products keep flowing out the door. Our plant maintenance unit employs associates skilled in electrical and mechanical trades and keeps all of the plant machines, conveyors, freezers and related equipment functioning properly. Our smaller group of facilities maintenance associates are not only responsible for keeping our grounds, out building and other areas looking good, but they also lend support to all areas of the organization through specialized trades such welders, carpenters, and general contracting and specialty skills.

Types of Positions: Electricians, Welders, Carpenters, Industrial Plant Maintenance

Quality Assurance (QA)

Our QA department is responsible for the overall safety and quality of our products and works with our production unit to ensure the best and safest products. Our QA lab is a three-shift operation that conducts tests and inspects the products at different stages of production (from raw materials to finished product). In addition, a small group of support staff ensures that everything from our Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification to our regular sanitation and cleaning schedules are up to date and completed on time.

Types of Positions: Lab Technicians, QA Support, Sanitation Coordinator (qualified applicants have prior lab and/or similar schooling in a biology or related school curriculum)

Research & Development (R&D)

Imagine having a career coming up with all of the new and exciting flavors of ice cream and teas and then being able to taste your work! Our R&D group does that on a regular basis, by developing brand new products or flavors or making changes to current product lines.

Types of Positions: R&D Technician (qualified applicants have a food/dairy science, biology or related science degree and/or related lab or R&D experience)

Marketing and Public Relations

The marketing and Public Relations groups work together and with the other areas of the company to promote, advertise, and encourage the purchase of our vast array of products. The two units accomplish this goal through a variety of methods, such as eye-catching product carton and label designs, print ads for store displays, magazine or other periodicals, radio and TV spots and through the newest forms of social media. In addition, out PR group coordinates large numbers of community events such as sporting events, community days, and fairs that allow for product promotions and samplings.

Types of Positions: Marketing — Graphic Design, Marketing Research, Public Relations/Event Coordination


The next time you are at supermarket or similar store and see the Turkey Hill Dairy products on the shelves, remember that the placement was the end result of negotiations by our salespeople. Our sales force is responsible for growing our brands, both locally and across the nation. As we continue to move towards a more national organization, our sales people will be leading that charge across the U.S.

Types of Positions: Sales — local and national, internal sales coordinators

Information Systems (IS)

Our IS group has the task of keeping all our information flowing and all of our networks and systems operating. We employ associates on both sides of the IS field — both on the programming side and on the help desk technician side.

Types of Positions: Programmer/Analyst, Help desk Technician

Accounting and Finance

Our Accounting and Finance department has the daunting task of capturing all of the data and numbers and presenting it in a usable and clear format, whether the information was about a specific sales account or end of year tax statements.

Types of Positions: Accountants, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Analysts

Administration and Customer Service

Turkey Hill Dairy has numerous groups and individuals who assist in the overall administration of a particular group or business unit. We have a number of administration professionals who handle the daily assignments for particular groups. Turkey Hill Dairy also has three large groups that handle different customer service aspects. Our Utility Clerks deal with the large number of deliveries and trucks that come to our plant each day. Our two phone units deal with our front line customers (the stores ordering our product) or the end consumer like you who purchase our product at a retail outlet.

Types of Positions: Customer Service, data entry clerks, administrative assistants

The Turkey Hill Experience

The Turkey Hill Experience is a 17,000 square foot attraction in Columbia. The Turkey Hill Experience pays homage to Turkey Hill's history while highlighting its ice cream and iced tea-making processes. The Experience includes interactive exhibits (including a chance to make your own virtual ice cream flavor), a gift shop, and lots of other fun things for the entire family!

Types of Positions: Turkey Hill Experience Management, Guest Services/Exhibits (FT, PT)