Pumpkin Pie - Seasonal Favorite

Pumpkin with a cinnamon graham cracker swirl

Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
  • About This Item


  • Sourcing

    The frozen desserts and dairy products produced at our Conestoga, PA facility use milk from local cows within 75 miles from our dairy.

  • Product Handling

    To make sure your Turkey Hill frozen desserts are delicious from the first to the last scoop, just follow these tips:

    • At the store, make sure the package is firm before you buy it.
    • The ideal temperature for ice cream in your home freezer is between -5°F and 0°F.
    • Try to use frozen desserts within 3-4 weeks.
    • Be sure to close the package securely and return it to your freezer as soon as possible.
    • Never microwave your container of ice cream.

  • Availability Notes

    Our 3 gallon flavors are available in your local scoop shop. Flavors may vary.

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Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Container 9

Serving Size
2/3 cup (81g)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 180

% Daily Value

Total Fat 3.5g4%

Saturated Fat 2.5g13%

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 5mg 2%

Sodium 120mg 5%

Total Carbohydrates 28g 10%

Dietary Fiber <1g3%

Sugars 19g

Added Sugars 15g30%

Protein 2g

Vitamin D 0mcg0%

Calcium 80mg6%

Iron 0mg0%

Potassium 110mg2%

*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Additional Info: Caffeine-Free

UPC: 0-20735-16183-8

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Corn Syrup

Thick sweetener made from corn used to add sweetness to foods and drinks.


The dairy liquid that remains after the making of cheese. Used in foods to add solids.


H2O. The basic ingredient in the cells of most living organisms.


A sweetener made from sugar cane or sugar beets. Used to add flavor to food and drinks.

Baking Soda

Also sometimes referred to as Sodium Bicarbonate, baking soda is used to help doughs and batters rise in baked goods used in the ice cream.

Beet Juice Color

A natural food coloring made from beets to enhance the color of a food or drink.

Soy Lecithin

An naturally occurring oily substance derived from soybeans used in food products to enhance texture.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar comes from sucrose and has a brown color due to the presence of molasses. It is used in foods as a sweetener.


Sodium chloride. A common household seasoning used to enhance flavor in some products.


A thickening agent used in food and drinks that is made from a red, edible seaweed.

Cellulose Gel

A plant based thickening agent made from the cell walls of plants. Used to thicken and stabilize the ice cream.

Cellulose Gum

A natural thickening agent made from the cell walls of plants.

Propylene Glycol Monoesters

A synthetically derived organic molecule that lowers the freezing point and acts as a stabilizer in ice cream.

Pie Pieces

A crumbled pie crust, used to add texture and flavor to our ice cream as part of some flavor profiles.


A spice made from the bark of a Southeast Asian tree. Used as an ingredient in the flavors of some food and drinks.

Coconut Oil

A saturated oil derived from coconuts used in food production as a fat.

Citric Acid

An acid derived from citrus fruits to enhance flavor and preserve food. Used as either a flavor or preservative in some food and drink.


The ground seed of the nutmeg tree.

Nonfat Milk

The thin milk left when whole milk is separated from its fats. Also referred to as skim milk.

Natural Flavors

Naturally occurring ingredients used to enhance or create a flavor.

Mono & Diglycerides

Ingredients used to keep oils and water from separating.


A thick, dark syrup made from cane or beet sugar.


An opaque, white liquid produced by cows.


A texture and flavor enhancer derived from carbohydrates such as corn, potatoes, or rice.

Locust Bean Gum

Also known as Carob Bean Gum. Can be used as a sweetener in products.

Corn Starch

A fine, white, gritty powder made from the "heart" of the corn kernel. In foods it is used as a thickener.


A sweet, sticky yellowish liquid produced by bees. Used as a sweetener in foods.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

A sweetener made from corn.


The thick liquid containing the fats in milk.

Palm Oil

The edible vegetable oil from the fruit of the oil palms.

Powdered Sugar

A finely powdered sugar used to make icing.

Soybean Oil

A pale yellow oil obtained from soybeans.

Unbleached Wheat Flour

Wheat flour not treated by bleaching chemicals.

Pumpkin Puree

A cooked pumpkin that is blended or mashed in a food processor to create a smooth pulp.


A large rounded orange-yellow fruit with a thick rind, edible flesh, and many seeds.


A hot, fragrant spice made from a plant, which may be chopped or powdered for cooking, preserved in syrup, or candied.


The dried flower bud of a tropical tree, used as a pungent aromatic spice.

Cinnamon Graham Cracker Swirl

A slightly sweet cracker made with whole-wheat flour.

Contains 2% or Less of Cellulose Gel

A plant based thickening agent made from the cell walls of plants. Used to thicken and stabilize the ice cream.

Annatto Extract

A natural coloring that is used to produce yellow, orange, or red colors. Derived from the seeds of the Achiote tree. In small amounts it is virtually flavorless.

Graham Cracker Crumb

Sweet flavored cracker made with graham flour, crushed to a fine crumb